CG Award 2019

Dear Philatelic Friends,

Each stamp, each envelope has a story to tell – about their country of origin, print, edition, use or theme. And philately, our shared passion, is just as multifaceted as those stories.

Taking the initiative, you follow new re­leases and publications, you analyse and research what is yet to be discovered. Thanks to your own personal effort, we have been creating a great wealth of knowledge which needs to be preserved.

Drawing from more than 30 years of experience in my profession, I know that we constantly experience new discoveries — we live and learn. In my work, I also realise time and again that philatelic publications are of the outmost importance to the preservation of our knowledge.

For this reason, I established the CG International Philatelic Promotion Award, which aims to promote the preservation of philatelic know­ledge by supporting new publications and which was first awarded in 2013. This competition takes aim to consider print media, digital media and the promotion of young talent as a whole.

The award met with resounding success and was recieved very well worldwide in its first years.

Closing date for entries was Oktober 15th, 2019. The public Award Ceremony of the 7th "CG International Philatelic Promotion Award" was at the MonacoPhil 2019 om November 28th , 2019.

Sincerely yours,

Signature Christoph Gärtner

Christoph Gärtner