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CG Award 2018: Registration Form

Registration for CG International Philatelic Promotion Award 2018

The registration form is available for download: registration form

General Information

Contact person (if different information than on the left side)
Salutation: Mr. Mrs. Salutation: Mr. Mrs.

Information about periodical (print)

Information about digital media

Website, DVD, Software, PDF etc. (Short description e.g. Author/Publisher, numer of copies, hits/visitors/sale price, source of supply) ...

Information about promotion of youth philately and public relations

How do you implement the promotion of youth philately and public relations in your organisation?

Public relation activities and participating on exhibitions (own booth) during the last 12 months (date, place, name of event)

Publications and newspaper cuttings mentioning your organisation/work. (Date, media, press clipping)

By sending this registration form I confirm reading and accepting the rules of the CG International Philatelic Promotion Award.

Furthermore I agree for the usage of my data for promotion purposes. The information about the participator and the periodical can be published.